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22 camping hacks and tips for Beginners

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Camping is definitely a great way of reconnecting with nature for a while, disconnecting from the outside world, and relaxing. This is why nearly 40 million people go camping each year! However, spending the night outdoors can be daunting if you’re a complete newbie.

Finally ready to go start and plan a camping trip? If you are a beginner and have little or no clue at all when it comes to camping trips, here is a list of 22 camping tips for beginners that you should know:

top camping hacks and tips for Beginners

1. Check the weather forecast

The weather forecast may not at all times be accurate, but it may help you plan in advance and prepare needed equipment for the trip. Checking the weather forecast allows you to prepare and foresee what you may need when camping.

2. Always prepare for bad weather

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The weather is unpredictable, and it is definitely a must to plan for bad weather. It is highly suggested to bring insect repellents, hats, extra clothes, sun protection, and other necessary equipment or gear that you may need in case of an unexpected condition such as bad weather.

3. Seek help from an experienced camper

The most important thing you can have as a newbie is an experienced camper to assist you. If you can find someone to help you during your first camping trip, this is a really big help. Check your list of friends to see whether you know anyone who enjoys camping. If you’re lucky, you might be able to invite this person on your first camping trip, and you might consider borrowing his or her camping gear.

4. Choose the best camping gears

When you’re a newbie, buying equipment might be intimidating, especially if you’re starting from scratch. In choosing your gears, questions you may ask yourself are:

Will there be anyone else in the tent with me (including my pets)?
Do I plan to hone my camping skills and branch out into different types of camping, such as backpacking?
How much money do I have set aside for camping gear?

5. Bring portable chargers

During your trip, your phone will almost definitely run out of battery, and it would be a shame to miss out on those wonderful moments. Although some campsites offer electric pitches and phone charging stations, having a portable option when you’re not at the campsite may be advantageous.

Cooking and Food Tips for beginners

6. It is a big no to cook inside the tent

Fire can start when you cook inside the tent, so it would be risky for campers. Not just inside the tent, there are also fire risks when you cook either under a shade or extremely close to your tent. It is advisable that, when camping, cooking should always be done outside, away from any potential fire threats or impediments. Fuel of any type may be a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning when started in a poorly ventilated setting. Regardless, of rain or shine, cooking outside is the safest and most advisable option.

7. Remember to pack a camping stove and other cooking equipment

If you want to enjoy home-feel cooking while outdoors, do not forget to pack a camping stove and other cooking equipment. Do remember to check its conditions before going on the trip. Ensure your cooking equipment is in good condition before leaving home to avoid any setbacks once you get to your camping location.

8. Be clean as you camp

Wind may blow around food packs or garbage around the campsite. This is bad for the environment and even the wildlife possibly near the area. To avoid causing such damages or harm, always remember to dispose of waste responsibly and be clean as you camp.

9. Planning ahead is advisable, including your meals

When you have all of the necessary ingredients, you are prepared, and you know what to make, campsite cooking will be a breeze.

10. Pack light snacks and foods that are ready to eat

A long day of a walk or hike around the campsite, camping stove malfunction, or you simply just want to take a break and have little snacks, packing ready-to-eat foods or snacks is a big yes. Bring these types of foods just to have a ready meal when you just want to eat or snack by the campfire.

Tent Tips for beginners

11. Before going on the trip, check your tents

If it’s your first time pitching a tent or it’s been a long time since you’ve done so, it’s ideal for getting your tent out of storage and setting it up in the garden before you depart. Inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and check if you’re comfortable putting it together. You may also practice fitting all of your belongings inside to ensure everything fits. If you’re a first-time camper, practicing at home is a great way to acquire confidence and ensure a smooth camping experience.

12. Arrive and set up during the daytime

Pitching a tent in the dark isn’t fun, especially if it’s your first time. As much as possible, arrive during the daytime to have as much time you would need to set up your tent.

13. Buy a larger tent than you anticipate needing

The size of a tent is determined by the maximum number of people who can sleep within it. Multiple tents, for example, are designed to fit two persons. Although this is a fantastic start, you’ll undoubtedly require extra space inside your tent to store your items and move around. We recommend buying a tent at least one size larger than the number of people sleeping in it.

14. Buy a larger tent than you anticipate needing

Take a look around the area where you’re going to set up your tent. It should be relatively level so that you don’t end up on an incline. Make sure there are no rocks, stones, or trash that could cause discomfort or damage your groundsheet.

Sleeping Tips for beginners

15. Pack a great, comfortable ground mat

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How comfortable you are when you sleep during a camping trip is a must to consider. For comfortable sleeping conditions, you must be sure to pack or purchase the right ground mat. Given a chance, it is possible that the ground will absorb heat. The trick is in packing and finding the right ground mat for the trip.

16. Prioritize and do not forget your sleeping bags and a pillow

Sleeping bags are your source of heat when you sleep while camping. Make sure you find one that’s comfortable, light, and durable. Along with this, also bring a comfortable pillow that will make you sleep soundly and peacefully during your camping trip.

17. The flooring of your tents must be considered

Not entirely necessary but adding more to the flooring of the tent increases the level of comfort. Insulation increases with an extra carpet, floor mats, also soft blankets. It also secures the tent flooring.

18. Packing extra blankets are a must

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Blankets can be used as a ground layer of insulation, warm addition to your sleeping bag, or maybe you might need a warm blanket for your lap on a cool evening. It’s better to have a second layer than to need one but not have one.

Clothing camping tips for beginners

19. Wear appropriate clothing for camping

It goes without saying that you should expect dirt on your clothes when you go camping. If you’re going on a long hike, be sure you’re clothed properly. Make sure they’re breathable and long-lasting.

Cotton should be avoided when camping. It absorbs a lot of moisture and is tough to wear when it’s cold outside. Before going camping, do some research about the campground and pack appropriate attire. It’s vital to remember that the temperature drops at night, regardless of how hot it is during the day.

20. Clothing should be stored in waterproof containers

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The weather is unpredictable, so may it be rain or shine, make sure your clothes are kept in a waterproof box or bag. This tip ensures that you have a clean and dry set of clothes at all times.

21. Pack a pair of slip-on footwear

Bring a pair of shoes that you can slip on and off quickly for morning walks, wandering and roaming around the campsite. It will greatly be beneficial for you as it will save you a significant amount of time and effort on your trip.

22. It is ideal for putting your clothes in your sleeping bags

It can be difficult to get out of your sleeping bag, especially if you are camping in the cold. If you store your clothes for the next day in your sleeping bag overnight, they will be toasty in the morning, ready to be worn for the day.

Other hacks and tips

Following these tips will ensure that you are all geared up for a camping trip even though you are still a beginner. You will be ready to conquer and go on your first of many camping trips. Other camping essentials you should as well consider bringing would be a camping table, chairs, multi-tools, wet wipes, and even board games for entertainment. Remember, preparedness is always the best answer to avoid any unwanted accidents and struggles during your camping trip. The most important tip of all is to have fun and make every moment worthwhile and a trip that you’ll surely remember.


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